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Welcome To Liberty


Liberty Brewery & Grill celebrates the bounty of the American farmer and pre-Prohibition style brewing methods. Liberty proudly serves its own line of award-winning draft beers that are brewed on site at both locations. Liberty is a favorite among locals and tourists alike, for its Happy Hour, Hand-Crafted Brews and comfort food offerings with a patriotic twist. So bring us your hungry, your thirsty and fun-loving. We’ll send you home refreshed and fulfilled.

Step 1

Choice, natural ingredients: Filtered water, fresh hops, malted grains, and yeast

Step 2

Grist mill cracks the grain to expose the starch

Step 3

The mash tun converts the fermentable sugars

Step 4

In the brew kettle hops are added to the sweet liquid "wort" and brought to a boil 

Step 5

The heat exchanger cool down the hot wort

Step 6

Yeast and wort are poured into the fermentation tank to make beer

Step 7

Beer is filtered for clarification

Step 8

Beer is placed into a temperature controlled serving tank until served